Farm yields on Avalanche. There’s an abundance. Here’s a list of the best yield farms you should know about.

1. Pangolin

Pangolin is one of the core DEXs on Avalanche. Beyond swaps, they also host a large yield farm. With many, many pairs. Ripe for yield farmers and single stakers.

2. Trader Joe

Trader Joe is the largest DEX on Avalanche. And also offers yield farms. Interestingly, many of their farms have cool features; offering dual rewards, for example.

3. Elk Finance

Elk Finance is also a DEX. As well as a fast, fee-less bridge. But more importantly, they offer lucrative farms. On many different chains.

One of the key features for Elk Finance is the impermanent loss protection; where you would lose value by holding LP, Elk Finance protects you against this loss by further minting Elk for their users.

4. Penguin Finance

Penguin Finance is one of the first raw yield farms on Avalanche. They’re rich in features. With both LP and single staking farms, icebergs, multiple reward farms, and compounders. They’ve also got a few blockchain games in the works too.

5. Lydia Finance

Lydia Finance, like many of the others, is a DEX. But, again, they offer multiple yield farms. Offering both LP staking and single staked farming opportunities.

6. Olive Cash

Olive Cash is Avalanche’s meme-coin launchpad. And a DEX. A running theme. As well as the normal LP farms and single staking, they have a few inception farms. Inception farms are farms that take in an LP token as one or more sides of an LP token. These can then be staked for even more levels of degen farming.

7. Canary Exchange

Canary is a pretty underated exchange. And they have many farms you can partake in. Most of them are Canary paired, but the APRs are pretty unparalled when pitched against the previous DEXs.

8. YetiSwap

Like so many before, YetiSwap is a DEX with yield farms. They’ve also got a popular NFT marketplace too. But, the yield farms are what you’re here for. Check the out, the APRs are pretty healthy.

9. Avaware

Avaware supports multiple projects, and also hosts a lucrative yield farm. Mostly LP staking, with a single staked farm. They’ve also got NFTs you can stake to earn yield from.

10. Cabbage Cash

Cabbage Cash is an Avaware project. Focussed solely on yield farming. You earn CABAG as the native token of the platform. I love that they have multiple single-staked options too.

11. Tip Blue

Tip Blue is more than just a yield farm. Though they offer farming options, they function as a Discord Tip bot. You can use Tip Blue to tip people that you’re appreciative of.

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