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Avaware review

Avaware Review (AVE)

Avaware is a growth platform. They’re committed to creating high-quality DeFi, Gaming and NFT applications. The goal is to create and maintain a portfolio...

Best Avalanche DEXs

Avalanche's ecosystem is exploding right now. These are DeXs you should know about. And some you should avoid! (DeX: Decentralized Exchange. Learn more about decentralized...
avalanche nft marketplaces

Best Avalanche NFT Marketplaces

Buying and selling NFTs is easy on Avalanche. There are many NFT marketplaces to choose from. And even more NFT projects. Avalanche NFT marketplaces Avalanche's NFT...
Avalanche Yield Optimizers

Best Avalanche Yield Optimizers

Yield optimizers make you more. Generally, optimizers compound DeFi yields. Rewards earned from lending, staking, and/or farming tokens. Reinvesting, compounding your gains. Let's take a...
Yield Yak review

Yield Yak Review (YAK, mYAK)

Yield Yak. A dapp that auto-compounds your AVAX-based LP farming rewards. It rebuys more LP tokens as rewards are generated. Generating more rewards....
Penguin Finance review

Penguin Finance Review (PEFI)

After digging into the usual "Defi rabbit-hole". I found myself on Pangolin--an Avalanche DEX. Where I came across something cool. Penguin Finance. Let's get...
Teddy Cash review

Teddy Cash Review (TEDDY, TSD)

Despite the bearish branding, Teddy has exploded. In price, TVL, and in market cap. In a very short period of time. Both TEDDY and...

Elk Finance Review (ELK, MOOSE)

Elk Finance is a popular, cross-chain liquidity network. We'll learn exactly what that means shortly. Elk Finance Elk Finance DEX UniSwap forkMost liquid pairs contain ELK Elk Finance...
AVME review

AVME Review (AVME)

AVME is one of THE MOST exciting projects I have come across to date. Their Anti Virus take is truly innovative. And, their token is available now.